About DeWalt 12v Drill

Those who work daily on household projects should definitely use DeWalt 12v drill. Using DeWalt drills, you will get the most power from these tools, specially designed to get the job done. This type of drill offers on the other hand more torque and a higher durability, which makes it one of the best tools to bring an end to any drilling task involving hard materials.

Drill’s Advantages

The drill’s weight is no more than 3.9 pounds, but it’s capable of delivering a torque of 300 inches per pound. With the help of an 18-position clutch, driving screws without over-driving will be an easy thing to do. When the drill is being used, it’s capable of giving a dual range of 0 to 450 per 1500 rpm. Also a better grip is obtained through a 3/8 ratcheting chuck and the strength is increased because of the metal gears. The maximum value of torque which is around 300 inches per pound is obtained from the 3000 high performance motor. The capacity delivered by the drill is smaller for steel, 3/8 inch, and larger for wood, 1 inch. Using a spindle thread of  1/2 inch to 20, this drill becomes very useful for heavy duty.

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