About DeWalt 18v Drill

People can find many versions of DeWalt 18v drill. These tools are equipped with high power motors, but they are very easy to use. You shouldn’t have any problems handling them.

Drill’s Magnets

Every drill has a magnet ring which helps to keep the magnet steady for a longer period of time, than in the case of glued in magnets. Most of the times when it happens for the drill to drop or jostle around, the magnet is the cause because it is getting loose. The magnet will hang on much longer if it’s molded.

Settings for Drill’s Clutch

DeWalt 18v Drill gives a seventeen position clutch setting. This way you will have a greater control when using this type of drills.

Drill’s Size

Drills produced by DeWalt have a weight of no more than five pounds. With such a small design, the drills can still offer enough power to get the job done.

Drill’s Tooth Count

For DeWalt workers, the tooth count is very important because they need to offer their customers as less friction as they can and a better gear mesh. These are also important when the gear tooth is designed.

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