About DeWalt Drill Bits

These bits can be found in a wide range of materials, sizes and designs. They are made in order to work with other drills not only with DeWalt products.

Bit’s Sets

DeWalt has brought on the market a wide range of sets and kits, which contain bits in different  sizes and styles.

Of all these, the pilot point drill bit set is the one which most users use. These bits are often used for drilling in wood or materials made from thin metal.

Bit’s Materials

The materials used for most of the bits are cobalt, carbide, stainless steel, diamond and black oxide. The best method of determining which bit to use is through your ongoing project. DeWalt bits can be used even for hex key drills and rapid load drills, which are the major drills for loading systems.

DeWalt Hammer Bits

The DeWalt brand is well known for its hammer drills. Along with the drills, they offer also bits made from different materials and with different sizes. The highest yield can be obtained when the bits are used for bricks, concrete and stone.

Bit’s Warranty

There is no DeWalt bit that doesn’t have a warranty. These warranties are given under some conditions depending on what material and the way they are used.

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