About DeWalt Drills

DeWalt is producing professional-grade tools since 1922, its drills being internationally known. Their tools are boasting more than 200 individual appliances, but the drills are known for their speed, power and run-time. They are used by professionals because of their expert engineering, practical design, quality and the extensive service and repair network in North America.

The Half-Inch Drill

The half-inch drill is one of the  most popular DeWalt products.  The models have different speeds (when unloaded the speed line ranges from 600 to 1200 RPM) and power levels ( 7.8 amps or 10.0 amps). The more amps, the more power you’ll have and the various speeds make it usable on a larger variety of surfaces.

The drills are available in keyed or key-less chuck versions, with various handle designs; there are models with the reverse rotation feature, to make it easier for you to screw in and out.

A number of DeWalt drills have an automatic shut-off feature. These drills will shut-off if their system detects a possible malfunction due to the current that is going into the motor. The way DeWalt separates itself from the competitors is the metal gear housing and heat-treated gears which increases the durability and prolongs the life of the tools.

3/8 Inch Drills

Beside the  features that come with the  half-inch drills, these ones come with higher speeds and more power. The no-load speed ranges from 1200 to 2500 RMP with amps that range from 6.0 to 8.0.

Some 3/8 inch models have a built in belt clip, which helps you keep the drill handy while working with other tools.

Quarter-Inch Drill

DeWalt produces only one model of quarter-inch drills. Even though it has a no-load speed of 4000 RPM, its design permits usage only on light gauge steel.

Cordless drills

DeWalt has the most complete 18v cordless power tool system in the industry, with the main advantage that all of them use the same battery platform. The cordless drills are ideal for do-it-yourself jobs, with voltage ranging from 9.6 to 18,  2 or 3 speeds and a patented 3-speed metal transmission. The drills are produced in all sizes, many of them with a LED light.

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