About Hitachi 18v Drill

The models produced by Hitachi covers most of the jobs in which they can be used. This is why standard drills, hammer drills,l ight weight drills, easy to handle drills and many other types can be very helpful around the house when you need them.

Drill’s Torque and Speed

These 18v drills from Hitachi are some of the best when it comes to speed and torque.

A professional drill is able to give around 570 pounds of torque and 1800 RPMs in speed. This is one of the most powerful and it’s used mostly on construction sites. For your household needs, smaller drills can be used, also from Hitachi. Of course you won’t get the same performances from a smaller drill, but it’s perfect for jobs around the house.

Drill’s Battery

The batteries available for Hitachi drills are Lithium-ion which offer a longer lifespan and a smaller weight, 2 advantages that a NiCD battery doesn’t have. Some battery packs are manufactured so that they can be used for other Hitachi tools, not only for the initial one. Hitachi drills allow a quick charge of the battery, thanks to a quick charge station.

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