About Milwaukee 12 volt Battery

The Milwaukee 12v battery provides power for all kinds of electronics and power tools. The weight can be shifted for better balance when drilling certain areas, helpful feature when you drill overhead fixtures.

Can Your Battery Keep Up With You?

The 12v battery offers anything a battery can offer, such as a 12v reversible charger and a 1.

3 amps rechargeable pack. This allows usage in tight spaces and compatibility with all Milwaukee 12v hand-held power tools. The pack is considered a power plus with a battery lifespan of 3 hours, and charging time of 1 hour.

The batteries come with a 1 year warranty in case it malfunctions while being used. A 12v battery weighs less than a pound, not straining too much the power tool. Milwaukee also produces batteries with different volts for your high powered hand held tools.

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