About Milwaukee 18 volt Batteries

This battery is available for all the Milwaukee 18v tools. They offer batteries for all kind of uses. If you need an extra battery for your 18v tools, here are some options.

The Power-Plus Batteries

These batteries work longer and are lighter than standard 18v batteries. They last 50% longer and remove a significant part of the drill bulk. The Power-Plus is made with Li-ion, has no cell memory, meaning it won’t discharge, making them usable whenever in need them.

Most of the 18v Lithium-ion batteries include a life and voltage gauge, giving you information on the battery life span.

A Triple Bay Charger

Usage of this charger assures you a fresh battery whenever you need it. Its small size allows it to fit in any workbench and charges a battery in one hour. The only downside is its incompatibility with Lithium-ion batteries, but it can be used with the Ni-CD batteries.

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