About Milwaukee 18 volt Drills

The Milwaukee 18v Drill  is a lightweight, heavy duty drill commonly used by people who need 650 of torque.

About 2601-22 18v Lithium-Ion Compact Drill

This is a small size drill, weighing 4 pounds, being 7¾ inches in length ( which means it fits in small spaces), capable of proving 400 pounds of torque, tops.

About Milwaukee 2611-24 18v Hammer Drill

This tool provides 650 pounds of torque and with the hammer drill feature, you’ll be able to use it on any type of surface.

The speed goes at high as 1800 RPM and as low as 450 RPM. It’s one of the most powerful drills in it’s class.

About Milwaukee 2611-20 model of a 18v Hammer Drill

This drill comes with a belt clip so you can take it with you. You’ll find out that is comes with a battery fuel gauge to show you how much power the battery has left. This type is used by professionals who need its 650 pound torque.

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