About Ryobi 12v Drill

This type of drill is the best choice for jobs around the house. To cover as many needs as they can, Ryobi has brought on the market some options for these drills.

The Power Packs

For projects that require improvements to your house, a Ryobi Power Pack can be very helpful.

It has a 12v drill, a circular saw, a work-light saw and a hybrid saw. The best part is that they all charge with a single battery style and the the tools can be kept in their own carry case.

The Compact Drill

Also for projects around your home, a compact drill may be exactly what you need. Packed with 2 batteries and a charger, you will always have a working drill in your hands without waiting the charging time to end. In addition, the small design of the drill does not skimp the power and offers some extra bits to change them whenever you need.

The Lithium-ion Driver

Using this type of battery you will enjoy working with it because of the extended battery and the 800 pounds of torque. Although it is a good tool for household changes, the drill can be of great help for those who enjoy spending time in their workshops. The kit offered, contains a tool bag and a charger, but if you want additional batteries, you can get them only from Ryobi.

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