About Ryobi 14.4 Drill

Ryobi 14.4 is an easy to use, lightweight drill that works on many different materials. Because it’s not so heavy it allows the operator to drill as much as he wants with a tool that puts out maximum power.

To provide it with a durable build, they manufactured it with a metal and plastic construction.

More About Your Drill

Some of the specifications of the Ryobi drill are: a 270 in/pound torque, a 24-position adjustable clutch, a no-load speed of 1400 RPM, it weighs 4.6 pounds and has an easy to snap on battery. The battery goes on the bottom of the drill and It has 2 button removal. You can also find twin bit holders that hold on to the unused bits, placing them on top of the drill.

It takes only one hour to fully charge the battery, and it works for 3 hours after. The drill is accurate, precise and level when drilling. The chuck is heavy and when drilling through hard materials it is hard to make sure it doesn’t chip or break.

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