About the Hitachi 18v Batteries

Hitachi’s 18v battery line can be used with any of the company’s 18v tools. The line offers several types of batteries depending on your need, replacement or back-up.

The Lithium-ion Batteries

The Hitachi lithium-ion batteries are the best choice if you use the drill often and want a long run time.

The technology in these batteries makes them 40% lighter than the Ni-CD batteries and twice as long lasting time. Because they don’t have cell memory, you’ll always have a fully-charged battery at your disposal.

The Hitachi 18v Ni-CD Batteries

This king of battery is ideal for occasional use or jobs that require a drill. They fully charge in one hour and can be recharged countless times. Many of them are interchangeable, and are available for all Hitachi cordless drill models.

Chargers for all Batteries

Hitachi brought a new product on the market, and that is the universal charger, which will work on all of its batteries. It can charge Ni-CD, Ni-MH and even Lithium-ion batteries. The chargers come with a cooling fan to increase the life span of the battery.

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