About the Makita 12v Battery

When you are using power tools, the Makita 12v battery will give it all. They come with a shock absorbing construction which protects the battery cell against minor obstructions. You can use the battery on most of the Makita hand held power drills.


When you are searching for information about a 12v drill battery, you want to acquire the most accurate information there is. The Makita 12v battery pack uses the Ni-MH technology which produces up to 70 % more battery life than a standard nickel battery. The multiple contact snaps ensure the correct battery placement in the tool. It weighs around 2 pounds with the easy to carry attachment, and has little to no memory effect on the battery.

The 12v batteries come with a one-year warranty. You should purchase two batteries to change between when you have jobs that require long periods of work time. Doing this, you get most of your batteries. The materials they are made of makes them environmentally friendly, with less leakage than normal batteries.

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