About the Makita 14.4 Battery

The Makita batteries have several popular options. Many of them are interchangeable, meaning that the battery can be used in multiple 14.4v tools.

This comes in handy if you want to have a charged battery while you use another.

The 14.4v Ni-CD Batteries

These batteries are ideal for tools that are used occasionally. They recharge quickly, and last for a few hours when in use. They discharge on their own if not used, to preserve battery life. This means you need to charge the battery a bit every time before you use it, but you get 85% battery life in half on hour of charging.

The UltraLast Batteries

These are a special type of batteries made only for the Makita 14.4v cordless drills. They use the standard NiCad technology, and can last even 5 hours, depending on the usage. This is ideal for those who like to do the job themselves and use tools mostly in the weekend. These batteries also discharge themselves, so if you want the preserve their life, put them on a charger if you don’t use them.

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