About The Makita 18v battery

For decades, Makita has been a leader in power tools manufacturing. Their batteries are designed to be used specifically with their tools. They are available for 18v drill models, among others.

Expected Life Span

The Makita 18v batteries are made to last up to 280% longer than the competitors and the company brags about them having a life span of more than twice that of other batteries. Because the batteries last longer when they are fully discharged before recharge, the Makita batteries discharge on their own if not used.

About the Weight

Because  the drills are bulky by nature, an 18v battery would make it worst. Taking this into consideration, Makita developed a line of lightweight batteries that will keep the drill easy to handle.

Battery Types

Makita-made 18v batteries come in Lithium, Ni-CD and NiNM varieties. This gives you the chance to choose the best  batteries for your projects. Each battery has its own advantages. The lithium ones give you more power and longer lasting charge, while the other two suit best for household jobs that don’t requite continuous use.

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