About the Makita 18v Drill

The Makita 18v drill is a tool often used by professionals due to its variety of styles and uses. Most of the drills are small, which means that they can be used  longer without much fatigue for the user.

The Hammer Drilling

Normally the drill is used in hammer drilling, which includes concrete drilling.

But it can drill almost any surface, making it a preferred tool for the professionals.


Although the drill is smaller than the other 18v drills, you will have a pleasant surprise when you discover that is has a significant amount of power, drilling with up to 450 pounds of mass torque.

The LED Light

The drills are equipped with a LED light so that you’ll be able to work even if there is not enough light around you.

The Makita Brand

Makita is trying to make their battery-powered drills as energy-efficient as possible. They also keep in mind the fact that their drills need to have a large amount of power so that they can keep up with the competitors bigger models.

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