Power Tools with Lithium-Ion batteries

The usual batteries use nickel and lead, but lithium is better than both of them. In the case of batteries using lithium, the lifespan is of about 2-3 years or 300-500 times of charging. For such a long life, they have to be kept and used in certain conditions.

First of all, the battery doesn’t have to fully discharge. When it reaches 40% of its power it is preferable to charge it. When you are not using the tool, is better to keep the battery in a low temperatures like in the basement or garage. Regarding the charge, it should be done before the tools are used and not after. This way is better for the battery because you will maintain its power by leaving it to a 40% charged level. Some of these tools come with an optional power cord. When you are using this cord, it’s better to keep the battery out in order not to warm up when you are working with the power tool.

The calibration can be tricky job for these tools. Keeping the battery to a 40% charge for more than one time, can offset the calibration. To solve this, just discharge at maximum after every 30 charges.

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