Ryobi 18 volts Drills

The Ryobi 18v drill is a drill with multiple features: it’s lightweight and still used for heavy duty jobs, capable of providing torque and speed on demand ( that’s why it’s used by professionals), it comes in different speeds and sizes.

Auto-shift Drill

With this drill you don’t have to choose the speed, as it will automatically shift gears when you need more torque. Other things you can expect from this drill are torque on demand, lighted power and speed indicator.

The HP2 Hammer Drill, model P211

This is a heavy duty drill. It comes with a slide switch that instantly changes the modes of the machine (drill or hammer drill), without having to change the setting of the clutch. You can drill holes into any type of material.

The NiCad Drills

This type of drill comes with a two speed transmission and a twenty four position clutch. This is a drill especially made for difficult jobs that require high torque. The drill comes with a magnet so that you can keep the screws near by. This is a tool for both professionals or for home works.

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