Tools for any homeowner

If you like building and repairing thing all by yourself, then you will surely need a few tools to do this. Here a small list of some of the most important tools for DIY jobs.


Every homeowner should have a cordless power screwdriver. It will help you with furniture installation, appliance repairs, with about anything that has screws. The higher the voltage the power screwdriver will have, the longer the battery will last and the more powerful it will be. Get a second battery.

2. For your power screwdriver, you can buy a magnetic drive guide. This will help you to drive screws without having to hold them in place. Thus you will have a free hand.

3. Quick grip clamps are also nice to have in a home. When working all by yourself they are like the partner you need. They tighten and hold two objects in place.

4. When you’re doing a job that requires both of your hands, a tripod flashlight is more than useful . They are great when replacing outlets, and you need to shut the power in the home.

5. Multi-meters are very useful and especially good to keep you safe. You can see if wires are electrically charged before working with them.

6. Wire stripper save you time. You surely know how frustrated you can get when you try to cut the insulation off a wire.

7. Some other necessary tools are hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, band-aids and of course duct tape.

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