Unjamming a Cordless Power Tool

There are moments when a cordless power tool will jam when in use, situation that mostly occurs on powered nail guns when they hit something hard. Pay great attention when you will unjam the power tool, because you can hurt yourself or wreck the machine. Follow the next instructions to make the tool work again:

  1. take out the battery.
    It’s not an electrical hazard, but you might set it off while handling it.
  2. take out the load. In the nail gun case, you need to remove the nails, but by the case remove screws, blades or pads too.
  3. unlock the head of the tool, or the place where the tool jammed. You don’t need some special tools for this operation.
  4. spot the problem and remove the debris. It’s not recommended to use different objects to remove the debris, because you might damage the tool itself.
  5. after dealing with the problem, you can put the tool back together, load it, power it and use it.

Jam Preventing

In order to prevent such problems from happening, make sure the cordless power tool can deal with the materials you work with.

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