About the advantages of a lighted digital deadbolt lock

Using this type of deadbolt lock will increase your home’s security. In order to fully understand the advantages of this type of lock you need to read the rest of the article.


Using strong materials

Most of the digital deadbolts have metal parts that increases the security. Moreover, the keypad covers along with the battery compartments and the buttons are made of metal.

2.They can resist a beating

These locks can remain functional even if the situation involves hammering. This can
happen thanks to a 2.5 mm plate made of metal which protects the circuitry. This is bad for the intruders because it’s not so easy for them to just smash the lock.

3.Mounting plates for exterior

To block the access to the deadbolt latch, there are locks that are protected with exterior
mounting plate blocks because there can be situations in which the exterior unit is dislodged from the lock for various reasons. With the help of these exterior blocks the lock can’t be broken or damaged in no circumstances.

4.Resistant Throwbolts

For higher resistance, usually the locks have a 1-inch throwbolt, which in most of the
times are strengthened with a 5-mm thick carbon rod. This makes any attempt to see through the lock nearly impossible.

5.Openings between exterior and interior

These openings can be found between the exterior unit and the interior one. They are
very small in size and this way they can be covered so well that the air cannot get in. This is also a good thing for rust and condensation which can be prevented this way. The models that have built-in weep holes have the advantage of forcing the moisture, which comes from the outer unit, to drain out of the lock. Sometimes these holes can be blocked in order to prevent break-ins.

6.Secured batteries

To keep the batteries working all the time, the compartment cover of the lock is
connected to a screw. You can also find locks with rubber pads that keep batteries fixed in one place.

7.Overriding the lock manually

If this is going to happen, the deadbolt latch will be operated so that you will be able to
open the door from inside all the time.

8.Vital parts which need protection

Important components of the lock like CPU, PCB, batteries, motor and drive mechanism
will always be found inside the lock and on the interior side of the door to keep them protected from any break-in attempt.

9.The role of bypass circuitry

This bypass circuitry is used to protect the PCB of the lock in the event of a high-voltage
attack. This way the lock will still be functional even if this thing happens.

Having a digital deadbolt lock installed in your house is a way to keep the burglars away from your home. Every one of these advantages can help you improve your home security system.

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