Guide for combination padlock

This type of padlock can be very easily used to secure different items. Some examples can be lockers, chains, fences, toolboxes, latches and all other kind of items that need to be secured somehow. They have been used for a long time and people see them as safe locks but with a smaller size.

This creative idea to open the lock with a predetermined combination of numbers is something that most of us like and because of that the combination locks are used on a larger scale. The following information will help you understand how a combination lock works.

The role of the shackle or hasp

This part of the lock has a curved shape and it’s placed around the loops of a chain. Because steel is the material used for this part of the lock, it is quite hard to cut it even if you use a bolt cutter or a hacksaw. Regarding the price, you can find cheaper locks but this is only because the steel used is of low quality.

The case of the lock

This case is designed to keep internal mechanisms inside it but this is not all. Because it is made from strong steel, it also has the role to protect these important parts of the lock if someone intends to break them with a hammer or some other kind of blunt force.

The dial for the lock

Dial is the first word that pops into your mind when you speak about a combination padlock. It can take more than one form, being either circular or using a combination of thumb screws that take to a specific number in the end. You can form any number for the lock using the numbers from 0 to 59. To open the lock you need to put the tumblers in the correct position so that they form the predetermined code.

The use of tumblers

The tumblers can be found inside the lock and they are mounted on a cam which is connected with the dial and they move together. Each time you use the lock, you need to move the tumbler until it matches the position it was supposed to. The tumbler is designed to line up each time the user sets the dial on a specific number. This can become a serious problem when you don’t remember the combination. You have to pay great attention when opening a lock because if you don’t turn it in the direction you are supposed to or you don’t do this for a specific number of times then it might not open in the end.

The dogs

This part of the lock is visible if you look inside the locking area. They are found in the place where the hasp goes inside. You can observe that they have a levers or catches form. Putting the hasp in the hole of the lock will make the dogs to react and block the hasp in order not to be removed by anyone. After aligning the tumblers the dogs will automatically free the hasp.

The keyed entry

The keyed area can be easily found on the back of the lock and it works simply as a regular keyed lock. This is another way in which you can align the tumblers, by inserting the right key. It can be used as a safety measure in case you forget the right combination. The bad part is that you can’t reset the combination, so if you don’t solve this problem you should buy another lock.

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