Guide for installing a gate lock

Using a gate lock for your house not only increases the security but also keeps everybody inside in total safety. You can find a lot of gate lock types on the market but ideally would be to buy one which is easy to access. A good choice is the sliding lock which has a latch specially designed to be locked when it is required.

When you decide to install a lock you will need the following materials:

  • Marking equipment
  • Latch lock
  • Padlock
  • Drill machine
  • Screwdriver and screws
  • Goggles
  • Extension wires
  • Hammer and nails

1. Buying all the necessary materials

The best thing for you to do is to go to a hardware store and buy all the materials you
need. Besides all these you should always have a drill machine so that you can make the necessary repairs if needed. To have everything in one place you’ll need a nail tray which is very useful and some bits because there are screws with different sizes and that can be a problem.

2.Installation area for the lock latch

When you get to this part, you will see that the latch has a “U” shape, which will help
you to mark the location where the lock will be assembled. The latch should rest in a position that one side is on the gate and the other is on the post. It’s very important for the lock to rest evenly on the gate where you want it to be. Because the latch should have a horizontal position with the gate, it’s a good idea to mark some spots so that you will know where to drill the holes.

3.Drilling the necessary holes

After you have marked the spots for the holes, it’s time to drill the holes. Thinner drill
bits will be the perfect solution because the holes need to be as narrower as they can get. This kind of holes helps you to better fix the screws in the wood. Finding the right angle of the drill with the door will be necessary because this way the wood will remain intact. If by any chance you make some holes wider than you need, the solution is to hammer thin splinters in the holes.

4.How to install the latch

After you have finished with the holes, you should make a test and verify them with the
help of the lock latch. If a hole has been misplaced, then, with a hammer and some nails, you can fix the problem by widening the hole so that it’s aligned with the screw holes of the latch. After the alignment you must dismantle the latch and fix separately the parts on the gate and the post. At the end make a short test to see if both latches are in the right position.

5.Verify the precision

After the installation has been finished, you need to check the arrangement to see how
well have you done until now. First you have to check the “U” shaped holder to see if the slides are good in this position and if there are necessary any changes. After that, you take the padlock, place it in the latch and if everything is correct the lock should fix himself in the holes. There is the chance for the holes to be aligned incorrectly and in this situation you have to re-install them. To increase even more the security, you can use a chain with the padlock. If you have no problem with power saving then you can use electronic gate locks, but you need uninterrupted power in order for them to work properly.

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