How to use rim locks

Although rim locks are used as locking devices, they can even replace latches or locks. The first rim locks were used in Europe a few centuries ago and because of this long period of time, now they can be found in many different types and designs. Most rim locks that can be found today on the market are replicas of some early Victorian rim locks.

They are good for any type of door even if it’s made from wood, metallic or calamine.

Used as auxiliary locks

In the case of a rim lock, the rim is placed on the exterior side of the door. Using a key
which is inserted in the keyhole, you can easily open the door from the outside. The lock is found on the interior side of the door and the opening is done with a latch or lever. With this kind of lock you will have no problem with locking the door because it does this automatically. Because it cannot offer a full protection, this rim lock is rarely used as the only way to lock the main door. The rim lock’s design permits the burglars to open the door even with a simple credit card. Because of this, you can use a rim lock just as an auxiliary lock to have a little more protection on your door. The use of rim locks is good in conjunction with different deadbolts or mortise locks.

Used as indoor locks

Because they are not so strong to be used as main locks, these locks are used only as
auxiliary ones for outer doors. However, rim locks are often used for inside doors because in rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms you need only a simple locking device to offer you a little bit of privacy. They can be used perfectly for this kind of jobs, because the range of designs in which they can be found is high. Surely if you look closely, there is no way you can’t find a rim lock to suit the style of your home.

Used as decorative locks

Even if they can’t offer enough protection, people still use rim locks and they can be
found on the market. The reason for which they are still used these days is that they offer some elegance to the doors. If you want, there is the possibility of buying antique locks which have the internal mechanism intact, so you don’t have to worry about how they work. Something cheaper can be found in the case of locks and these are the replicas. Using these locks can help you with the room style, especially if it is an old-school one with brass, wrought iron and wood. There is no problem in finding even locks with designs of dragons, fairies or if you want any other kind of animals.

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