The right door knob for your house

Choosing a door knob which can fit your home can be good for the ambiance and the desired style. Because of the high number of door knobs with different styles and types, choosing the right one can be a tough job.

Preparing to purchase

First you have to make some measurements to know exactly what size does the door knob need to be.

Also the thickness of the door is important in order to determine correctly the size of the screws you will need. If the screws will be too big for the holes you need to do, you can solve this problem very easily by cutting them to the right size.

Models of door knobs

The right door knob is very important for fitting internal door fastenings and because of that choosing it can be hard. To do this correctly you’ll need to know exactly if the door knob will need to open a latch mechanism or if the door has a lock placed on it.

For internal doors, you have the possibility to choose from 4 different types of door knobs.

  1. Single dummy – This type uses a single knob on just one side of the door. They are not designed to operate a latch mechanism and are used mostly on doors with a ball-catch system or a magnetic one.
  2. Double dummy – This type has a door knob for each side of the door. Exactly like the single dummy, they don’t operate a latch mechanism and are installed mostly on doors with ball catch system or French doors.
  3. Passage – This type has 2 door knobs which operate a latch system. They are used for French doors and closet doors.
  4. Privacy – This type also has 2 knobs that operate a latch system but they can be locked. The doors on which they are used are bedroom and bathroom doors. If by accident they can’t be opened, the system permits an easy release.

Designs for door knobs

It’s a good idea to use a single door knob design for the entire house. If you care for the style, the best way to achieve it is to match the knob with the door. As an example you can think of a Georgian door which needs a Georgian-style knob in order to look good. If you need and want more information, then you can do some research into the architectural design that covers the home area.

The materials needed for the door knobs

Although knobs can be found in different materials, the most used ones are iron, brass and steel. It’s not indicated to use thin materials like plated metals because they can scratch and dent very easily. Instead you can use heavier materials like brass or iron which can be damaged quite hard and fortunately they last longer. Even glass can be used as a material for door knob, but if it’s misused it can be damaged easily.

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