Tips for a deadbolt lock

A deadbolt lock is used for increasing the security of your home. This is why you should choose the best lock money can buy if your primary concern is the safety of your house. They are very good to use for the protection of your house because they have a solid bar that is slid in a recessed hole, which makes them much better than simple locks.

1.Locks with grade 1 designation

The best locks on the market are those designated “Grade 1” by an authority in this field,
the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  This institute has some special standards for these products and they are developed and maintained by another association called the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). The role of the BHMA is to test the performance of the door locks so that you know for sure the product you buy is high quality.

2.Using key control for deadbolt locks

Having a deadbolt lock with key control can give you the power to control the access to it
much better. This way no one will make a copy without your permission and this is much safer than an usual key which can be multiplied much easier. Also another advantage is that the locksmiths need to keep a straight record of everyone who asked for a copy of key-controlled locks.

3.Bolts resistant to saw

This type of bolts is an obstacle for burglars because they are hard to break using a saw.

4.Deadbolts with 1-inch long “throw

Having a “throw” with over 1-inch in size is very good because otherwise they will not
be effective. You can even go that far to use a “throw” with a length that your door frame permits. One way used by burglars to break door locks is by spreading the door and the frame using a metal bar. Using a long deadbolt will block the spreading of the frame and the door.

5.The use of security plates

Fixing the security plates with longer screws from the wall, makes it harder for someone
to kick in the door. You need to verify that the screws used for the strike plate have at least 3 inches  in length and also if there are holes in the plate. Using staggered screw holes helps to keep the wood from splitting because it doesn’t force it.

6.Deadbolts with double-cylinder

Using this kind of deadbolts on your doors helps to prevent the burglars from breaking the glass
and have access to the thumb bolt. This double-cylinder lock is a little bit complicated and needs a key for the inside as well as for the outside.

7.Deadbolt’s case steel

Cases made from hardened steel are very efficient and they can withstand hammer blows and
pliers. Burglars may try different ways to break-in using the hit, twist or pulling the lock off and because all these reasons a case steel is much safer.

8.Deadbolts with beveled casings

Hammers or other destructive things will have no effect over a beveled case because this
will make them to glance off the lock. This way no burglar will be able to give a good hit to the deadbolt lock so that it breaks off.

9.Deadbolts with anti-drill features

These features block any action of the burglars to drill the lock out. Any attempt to drill
into the lock, will fail because the hardened case steel will destroy the bit.

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