Tips for installing a child safety lock

Until your child doesn’t start to walk, you are safe; but after that you may think of using some safety locks for doors and windows. Reading carefully the following tips over how to install correctly a door lock can help in the future, when you’ll need such measures of protection.

The height

This factor is quite important and this is why you should think about the place where the lock offers the highest benefit.

It’s a good idea to let enough space between the place where the little ones can reach and the lock itself, so they won’t do something stupid.

The appropriate

In this case you need to pay attention to the fixture that you want to make safe, so that you can choose the right safety lock. As an example, the locks that are made especially for cupboards and kitchen doors can’t be used for the front door.

The correct installation

In order to correctly  fix the safety locks, you have to follow the instructions as they are given. This way they can be fully effective but only if they are properly aligned. If you feel the need, take notes for dimensions of the door or window to be sure you will get a lock that fits.

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