Types of deadbolts

When you need safety for your home, then a deadbolt lock can give you that. These locks don’t have the necessary power to hold the bolt in place but if there are situations in which there is enough force applied on the bolt then it will retract. This thing can’t happen to a deadbolt lock because the spring mechanism is not there.

In order to choose the right deadbolt lock then you should read the following information.

1.Deadbolt locks with single cylinder

This type of deadbolt is very common. They need to be mounted in the door and
have a twist knob and a key cylinder as components.

2.Deadbolt locks with double cylinder

The difference between this type of lock and the first one is the key cylinder. No matter on what side of the door you are, you will always need a key to open the door. This deadbolt lock has a huge advantage because the glass on the door frame cannot be broken in any circumstances and after that to simply open the twist knob. The downside to this system is that in case of an emergency you will need too much time to find the right key and use it to open or close the door.

3.Deadbolts with no key

This type of deadbolt is mounted just the same as the others but it has a keypad instead of
a keyhole, which is used to type pin codes. You have the advantage of not using a key which is much better because this way you can be sure that nobody will steal your key or multiply it. Even in this case your pin code can be found out by someone else but this is not a problem because it can be easily changed.

4.Using digital deadbolts

This deadbolt is exactly like a keyless deadbolt only that it uses a keypad instead of a
keyhole. The disadvantage is that it needs batteries or electric power in order to work properly.

5.The rim deadbolt

You can find this deadbolt mounted on the inside face of any door. What is great about it
is that it has the ability to lock the door automatically every time you close it. This will make you feel secure about locking the place.

6.Deadbolts with vertical position

Because it is placed on top of the door, the deadbolt blocks any attempt of a burglar to
break-in using metal bars like they do in the case of horizontal deadbolts.  If you want a deadbolt which installs quickly then you must choose from the vertical and rim deadbolts. What is not so good about them is that they have the tendency to be bulkier and consequently a bit of an eye sore.

7.The mortise deadbolt

This deadbolt has to be installed in a mortise which can be found on the edge of the door,
making it to be quite hard to tamper. Although the lock is strong, the installation requires a large hole in the door which weakens its structure.

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