About full view storm doors

Before you go shopping for full view storm doors, you should analyze the pros and cons.

Advantages of full view storm doors

The main advantage is that they offer an unobstructed view to the outside. You will be able to see anything that happens in front of your house or in your backyard.

The glass used for the doors is heavy duty safety glass. It is resistant to scratched and breaking and represents no danger for you or your children.

The insulation of full view storm doors is better then of those with screens. You can leave your door opened and still use the air conditioner.

Disadvantages of full view storm doors

There are a few things that may be consider disadvantages in comparison with other types of doors. Full view storm doors are more expensive than simple ventilating storm doors, and screen doors.

If you want to air your home with this full view door, then you shouldn’t buy one. Screen doors allow the fresh air from coming into your home, while keeping intruders out of your home.

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