About storm doors

Storm doors are an excellent addition to any home. They are very easy to install and they give a nice look.


You will save some money if you install the door by yourself.

Some of the tools needed for the job are a hammer, drill screwdriver. If you do not have any experience with installing doors, then it’s better if you let the professionals handle it.

First of all you need to know the measures of the door. You can find a storm door to fit or you can just order a custom one, although it will take a few days to build it.

Say that a professional will handle the installation, be sure that you test it before he lives. Make sure that the door opens and closes smoothly and that it locks properly. Also check the seals and that there are no cracks.

Door finish

You need to know that any aluminum finish will oxidize. This will make the door look awful and it can affect the closing mechanism. Use an anodized or baked enamel finish instead.

Corner joints

Corner joints are the best places to check the quality of construction. If you can see through the other side, then it’s not airtight.Use quality weather stripping to also prevent water leaks.

Hardware and materials

Quality of hardware parts is very important. They will influence the durability and life span of the door. Also the materials used for constructing the door determine the strength and resistance. Wood and steel doors have similar properties and the choice is based mainly on the appearance.

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