Buying the right storm door

When you go shopping for a storm door, you need to consider things like the style of your house, or the climate.

Full view

Full view storm doors offer a great outdoor view. Almost the whole door is covered with glass, the frame being the only solid part.

You can change the glass with a screen during the warmer months. This way you can let the fresh air from outside enter your house.

Two panel doors

These doors are usually made from two parts, one glass panel and one wood panel. They come with great designs on the lower panel. These doors can also have parallel, vertical panels, or cross buck, x shaped parts.

You can choose whatever decoration fits your house best.

A nice new feature for two horizontal panel doors, is the fact that the glass can slide into the lower panel. This way you can enjoy the fresh air of summer. Of course that you can slide a screen in place of the glass.


Wood is the materials of the past, now vinyl clad aluminum doors are the most popular. This is because it lasts longer and it also easier to maintain. It is also rust resistant.

But still, if you need a more elegant door style, the wood door should be your choice. It blends better with the decor. They will need to be painted or stained periodically.

Security storm doors

If you need a higher degree of security, then you can look for some security features in the storm doors.

The first thing you should consider is laminated security glass. This type of glass is resistant to cracking and breaking. Also locking the door is a very important feature. A multi-point locking system is great for improving the security of your home.

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