Door stops

When you have problems with doors that damage your walls, you can use several styles of wall door stops to fix this.

Wedge style

This style is the most often used one. It’s formed of a triangular piece of rubber that stops the door from slamming to the wall when this is opened.

Besides the fact that it keeps your door in the position you want and also prevents its movement, it doesn’t need any kind of installation and its price is quite low.

Magnet style

This type of wall door stop has 2 important components: a short steel pole and a magnet. It works exactly like the wedge style, keeping the door open and stopping it from hitting the wall. Closing the door is not a problem because when you grab it, the magnet disengages and you will have to do no effort.

Spring style

This is the most common style that is used for preventing a door to hit the wall. This wall door stop is tipped with rubber and has the role to screw the baseboard. It will stop the door slowly because it compresses when it is hit by the door but it has the necessary force to stop it.

Soft wall style

This one is made of a circle of rubber which is placed on a metal to easily screw the wall. This way the door is stopped by the rubber before it hits the wall with the handle.

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