Fiberglass door maintenance

Fiberglass doors are very great and popular for their strength, beauty and for their customization. Although they are sturdy, they need maintenance.

Staining fiberglass doors

The simplest way to make your fiberglass door last longer is to use stain to protect it.

The process is very easy. If there is already a layer of stain, remove it and then paint it back.


Because they usually are used for home entrances, debris, rain and snow will damage it. The finish of the fiberglass may wear off over time. If you clean it regularly you will extend its life. Use soap and water to clean the surface. Be careful to use oil-free soaps because they may leave stains.


Hinges, door knobs and other parts of the door may get damaged over time because of their daily use. it’s very easy and cheap to change these parts. If the door is making noises when you close it, maybe it’s because the hinges need some oil. it’s also the case if you see some resistance when moving it.

Door guards

If you want to protect the door from scratches and scuffs, use some rubber door guards on the top and bottom of the door knob. Also rubber door guards offer insulation.

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