Finding commercial glass doors

If you decide on buying some new doors, you need to know that cost quite a bit in store. There are a few places where you can find some cheap and still high quality doors.


Auctions are just great.

To cover expenses, many companies take many objects t auctions. In this case, everything is negotiable. They can cost only a fraction of their real price.

Architectural salvage

When building are torn down, architectural salvage companies come in and they take everything that can be taken: doors, windows, light fixtures and many, many others. They refurnish and resell them. They will sell the objects at very low prices.


If you have a certain space for the door and you don’t want to modify it, or you need a special custom designed door, then you should call a commercial door and window company. The doors will cost a lot more than the ones from auctions, but if you want something that just isn’t second-hand, this is your option. The advantage is that you can customize the door as you really want it.

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