How to install a security screen door

Steel screen doors are made to enhance the safety of your home and also allow you to enjoy the fresh air from outside and also be insect-free. They also give a wonderful new look to your home entrance.

Tools and materials:

  • Lockset
  • Tape Measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Screw driver
  • Electric drill

Choosing a door design

First of all you will need to take some measurements of your doorway and also think of a design.

If you cannot find an exact match in size, you can always order a custom one. They are more expensive, but at least they will be perfect.

The steel door package usually includes all the materials needed for the installation. Be sure too have a lockset. Some of the tools that you will need are a tape measure, a screw driver, hacksaw, electric drill.

Mount accurately

Before you start the installation, read the instructions from the manufacturer so that you will make sure you do not miss a step. You will need to make some measurements so you can cut the Z bar. This will help you attach the screen door to the door frame.

Drill the Z bar

You will need some help to position the door at an exact 90 degrees angle. Use an electric dill to fasten the hinges to the Z bar.

Installing the header and expander

The header needs to be fixed on top of the door. Use the screws provided to attach it. Install this before the expander.

The expander prevent debris from gathering under the door. Open the door and attach the expander, using the electric screwdriver. Close and open the door to see if the door opens without friction.

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