Installation tips for storm doors

Although installing a storm door may seem a simple task, there are many things you need to consider.

Bugs deterrents

Storm doors are also made from stopping insects from entering your home. This means that you can enjoy the fresh air, without those pesky insects.

Be careful how you install the mesh on the door so that there aren’t small gaps.


Choose a small, nice door handle because it shouldn’t hit the entrance door when the storm door closes. The two door should not touch parts. Also the handle of the entrance door may be on the same place, so calculate carefully.

Sunshine and heat

If the storm door has glass in place of a screen, then it will create a space between the two doors that can get hot in the summer days, especially if the storm door is in direct sunlight, and it may deteriorate the materials.

Rain and damp

As with the heat problem, you should also consider humidity too. Humidity can affect wood doors especially. If the area where you live has high moisture, then you should consider buying a door made from vinyl or aluminum.

Door closers

One of the nice accessories for a storm door is the door closer. This will prevent the door for being opened to stretching point and also it will be close all the time. Those insects won’t enter your home. It will also stop the door from slamming. It is a nice addition that will help your door from getting damaged.

Draft exclusion

Also a nice addition is a draft exclusion brush. This will be installed on the bottom of the door and it will brush the floor every time the door will open. It will also prevent draft in stormy days. It also prevent bugs and debris from getting in.

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