Installing a pet door on a steel door

The process of installing a pet door on a steel door is a lot more difficult than on a wood door. Most doors are not only made from steel, but with steel walls and plywood interior. With the proper tools the installation will be easy.

How to prepare the door

  1. First of all measure the size of the door that you want to install. The door needs to be large enough for your pet.
  2. Then read the instructions that came with the door and determine the hole that needs to be made in the door. Be careful as the hole in the door is smaller than the dimensions of the door flange.
  3. Use a circular saw to cut a hole in the steel door. You should use metal cutting blades.

Installing the pet door

  1. Now set the outside and inside flanges of the pet door frame into the hole that you just made. The two pieces might snap together or they will need to be screwed.
  2. Now install the swinging pet door.
  3. Test it and see if it swings in or out, with ease, without hurting the pet.
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