Installing a sliding screen door

Sliding screen doors are panels that run parallel to the existing door. They are usually made out of two parts, a frame and a screen mesh. The mesh protect you from insects, while allowing the air to enter your home.

Tools & materials:

  • Sliding screen door
  • Top and bottom Rollers
  • Measuring tape
  • Screw driver


You will need to think where to install the door. You need to consider security, air flow, sunlight. Sliding screen door do not offer security so they are not usually made for front doors, and also they do not look nice with the sliding tracks on your front porch.


Measure the size of the existing door. You will then have to choose a door to fit this one, but more than probably you will not find one. You can order a custom one or buy a bigger one. Make sure that you have enough space for sliders.

Door selection

Go to your local hardware store and present the measurements to the store personnel. They should direct you to a few products. Choose one that fits your needs. The design, color and screen density are a few things to consider. Also make sure that it has the right measures.


To install the door, you will first need to place the track. Then you need to handle the door and place if parallel to the door entrance, and then slide the wheels into the tracks. First slide the upper wheels and then slightly push the door upwards and then place the lower wheels in the track.

Final adjustments

You may need to make some adjustments to the wheels so that the door won’t slip off track.

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