Installing storm door hardware

With a few tools you can easily install all the storm door hardware, all by yourself.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • storm door hardware;
  • manufacturer’s instructions;
  • chisel.

Door handles and locking systems

Before you install any hardware, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

You need to have a template in order to drill the holes in the frame of the door. The holes will need to be exact, otherwise the handles won’t fit. Then use the screws to fit the handles in their place.


Mark the spot where the striker will be placed on the doorjamb. The striker is the part that allows the door to latch properly. It needs to be positioned according to the latch on the door. Install the striker and then use a chisel to remove the wood from the hole place.

Assembling the closer

The close is the part that doesn’t allow the doors to slam shut. It closes it slowly. Put the closer in it’s position and then mark the spots where the screws need to be placed. Attach the close to the doorjamb and also to the door.

Safety chains

The safety chains doesn’t allow the door to fly open and crash. The chain needs to be attached to the door and to the door frame also.


Test every hardware part that you have installed and see if it works properly. Also make sure that the door is leveled and that friction isn’t an issue.

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