Insulatting a glass door

Although glass doors are just great for outdoor view, they also are a leaking point for heat from your house. This will surely add up to your bills. Here’s how you can be energy efficient with some proper insulation.

Tools & Stuff You will need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Insulating window panels
  • Insulating blinds or drapes
  • Sealant

First of all you will have to think about the insulation method. Some may not affect the appearance of the door and some make dim the view but do the job better. Think about the best results for you.

Rectifying. It doesn’t really matter the method that you choose for insulation. First of all you will need to make some repairs. In case you have a sliding door, be careful that it slides properly in the tracks and that there aren’t any spaces between the walls and the door. Also check the alignment of the door. If it’s not properly aligned it may cause not to close as it should. Use sealant.

Glass coverings. One of the easiest and most popular ways of insulating glass doors is buying some special drapes or blinds that reflect the heat back into the room and prevent the cold air from getting in. They come in wide varieties and they will fit any space. Also you can order some custom ones.

Insulation kits. If you want to really insulate the glass door, you should try some special kits. These are great especially if you live in a cold area. The kits have some special films that are made to stick on the inner side of the glass. They can be fixed with a hairdryer. This process is called secondary glazing. Be careful to always read the manufacturers instructions.

Double glazing. The most effective way to ensure that your glass doors are properly insulated is by fitting double glazing. This means that you need to have a double layered glass door and the two panes of glass will trap some inert gas. This will provide great insulation. The process may require changing the glass or even the door.

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