Popular designs for security screen doors

Design is more and more important for the end user these days. Even security is on a second place. When it comes to screen doors, protection against mosquitoes, flies, insects and other intruders is very important, but the style and type of the door make the decision important.

There are a few screen door designs that are most popular.

Hinged screen doors

This type of doors uses hinges to attach the screen door to the door frame. They also have a dampener that slowly shuts the door. It is a handy feature. It can be installed on the top or the bottom of the door.

Gliding screen doors

Another popular type is the gliding screen door. They slide on tracks that are positioned top and bottom and have wheels.

Retractable screen doors

This is the newest design for screen doors. These doors roll up inside a coil. They retract and are fully hidden. They can be pulled out and sealed with magnets or with a closing system.

Things to consider

You can choose the type of door that best suits your house. But there is more than choosing the right design, there are also a few things that you need to consider.

  • you should not install a gliding screen door if your door swings outside.
  • gliding doors needs more space to operate, so if you have a door on the corner of your house, you will need to figure out how to install the panel and the tracks.
  • retractable screen doors will need to have a long mesh if they will be installed on double hinged doors.
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