Replacing a door handle

Storm door handles are prone to heavy wear each day. In time they get damaged and don’t close the door properly. There are a few things you can do to repair and make the handles more resistant.

Removing the closure mechanism

Closure mechanisms allow the door to stay open at a certain angle, but the bad thing is that they can slip and close without any warning. This may cause injuries to children and pets. This is why it’s best not to have such a mechanism. Uninstall it from the door frame.

Brace the door open

You will now need to make the door stable and preventing it from swinging. This will help you speed up the repairing process as you will be able to work on a stable door on both sides, at the same time. Use some heavy objects in both sides to fix the door.

Replacing the latch

Although some handles can work with different latching mechanisms, it’s better to have them from the same kit. This will prevent any problems due to compatibility.

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