Replacing a screen door

In time, screen doors can become damaged or maybe they are out of date. Maybe you want to replace the design of your door and make it more suitable for your house.

Sometimes you may need to install new hardware, like a new door frame.

If you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, you shouldn’t have any problems. You can use the old hinges if they are in good shape, and your new kit doesn’t come with some.

Tools and materials:

  • Utility knife
  • 1/2 inch chisel
  • drill
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • hand or power plane or table saw
  • skill saw
  • wood putt
  • shims


Measure the door way to make sure that you find a screen door that best suits it. You should buy a screen door that is slightly larger then the entrance, in case you do not find an exact match. If the door is larger you can trim a little from the edges and make it fit.

Door hinge placement

Match the positions of the hinges on the existing door. You may need to chisel out the outline of the hinge to a depth that allows it to be leveled with the door edge. The area needs to be neat. Use the screws to install the hinges on the door frame.

Door jamb

Smooth out the edges of the cutout area using the chisel. You can also use wood putty to cover the screws.

Installing the door

Lift the door and keep it leveled. You can use some shims to do that. Match the hinges on the door with the ones on the door jamb and then screw them.

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