Replacing an entry door frame

Because they are placed outdoor, door frames can get damaged because the exposure to weather conditions. The wood can rot, swell and become damaged. The process of removing and reinstalling a door frame isn’t difficult and replacing the door frame can assure a better weather protection and tightness.

Follow the next steps to know how to do the job right:

  1. Use an utility knife to cut the caulk from the exterior moldings. Gently pry the trim off with a pry bar. Repeat the step from the interior.
  2. There should be a gap between the door frame and the studs. Use a saw to cut the nails through the gap. After this you should be able to remove the door frame.
  3. Place a level over the boards to ensure that the sill is level. Make the necessary repairs if the sill is damaged.
  4. Now make some measurements of the door frame and make sure that the new one fits the place. If the door frame is slightly smaller then you can add some furring plywood around the rough studs.
  5. Now insert some foil tape above the door opening. Bend the bottom of the tape upwards and then you can tape it to the trim above the door opening. Also apply foil to the bottom of the door opening.
  6. Use some aluminum tape to cover the front and top of the sill. Half of the tape should overhang the front corner of the sill. Now cut the corners of the tape and fold them around the rough opening. This will help you seal the door frame from water.
  7. You will need a 2×4 inch oak piece of wood to fir the width of the door opening plus the width of the trim on each end.
  8. Now screw an angle iron of 1 1/2 inches to the underside of the oak piece of wood. Screw it into the metal tape and into the front side of the sill plate. To hold the iron in place you can use exterior grade screws.
  9. Now cover the angle iron with a cedar board of 1×3 inches. Make some measurements and cut the board at the right size.
  10. Apply silicone over the top of the oak board and the sill where the threshold will rest. This will assure that no moisture will get between the sill and the threshold.
  11. Now you can place the new door frame. Make sure to align the door with the opening and tip the new frame into place but without dragging it through the threshold sealant. To hold the door in place use a roofing nail through the nailing flange.
  12. Now measure the door diagonally from the left top corner to the right down corner and vice versa. If the dimensions are identical then the door is square. Also the space around the door needs to be even throughout the door line.


  • always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Paint the door to match the exterior of your house, but you should know that many doors are pre-primed.
  • if you are trying to remove trim, then slide a putty knife under the trim first and then use the pry bar, to protect the drywall from denting.
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