Replacing glass in storm doors

Because of stormy weather, the glass from your storm door may crack or shatter. This is a very easy job that can be done in minutes. You will need no adhesive because the glass will be fixed in some clips and screws.

Tools and materials:

  • Screwdriver
  • Table to lay the window on
  • Old carpet/blanket
  • New glazing spine
  • New sheet of glass cut to the right size
  • Gloves

Glass frame

You will need to remove the door by removing the screws from the hinges. Lay it down on a worktable so that you can have better access to it. Use an old carpet or some blanket to cover the table. This will help protect the window frame.

You will need to open up the storm door. You will need a very small screwdriver to fit in some tight spaces.


In every storm door, the glass is separated from the door frame by a glazing spline. The size depends on the thickness of the glass. Replace the spline if too rough.

Glass measurements

This is an important and dangerous step. You will need to perfectly cut and measure the new glass. If there is an error of a few mm, it will be impossible to cut that excess. If it is too small it can slip off it’s place and waste your money. Measure the spline if the old glass is shattered.

Finishing the job

Place the new sheet of paper in the frame, into the spline. Reattach the storm door and tighten the screws. Always wear gloves when handling glass sheets.

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