Tinting a glass storm door

Tinting a glass storm door is an efficient way to prevent UV damage to your house objects. The tint controls the amount of UV light that enters your home.

Solar control film

These films, and also the Low Emissivity ones, reduce the glare from the Sun and thus controlling the heat loss or gain.

They protect the furniture from your home from sunlight damage. These films are made from a thin coat of gold and titanium. They reduce the UV rays by 95% and the heat flow by 88%.

Tinting films

Tinting films are less efficient than Low E films, but they can reduce the heat flow by 45% and also the UV rays by 90%, which is not bad. They are also less expensive. They come in 3 varieties of color shades, blue, brown and gray. The installation can be tricky as it is almost impossible to apply them to the glass without air bubbles. This is why it’s best to go to a professional. Otherwise you will ruin the film and will need to buy another one.

Frosting films

These films provide 99% UV protection but they allow light to enter your home. If you want a higher degree of glare protection, then these are not for you.

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