Types of screen doors

Screen doors are actually an outside door made usually from glass or from mesh screen that provides protection against bad weather and also a little security. They are perfect from keeping the air cool and also fresh in your house, while keeping bugs, mosquitoes and flies outside your house.

The designs today are vast and also better.

These doors come in a wide variety of materials and designs for every taste. Here are a few types of scree doors.

Hinge screen doors

These are the traditional scree doors, made out of aluminum or wood and with a mesh scree. They are usually fixed in hinges to the door frame. These hinge screen doors are easier to open and use magnetic fasteners for closing the door. They are very durable and they can also be made from vinyl. They can be made to resemble your own doors.

Sliding scree doors

These are installed on a sliding track and are usually installed on doors the lead to backyards and patios. The advantage is that these types of doors can be fully opened and have no problem if the weather is windy. The bad part is that the sliding track get damaged over time and need replacement. If the doors get’s dented, the door seal loses its tightness.

Retractable screen doors

This is the newest type of screen doors. These doors roll up into their cassettes. The door can be opened by sliding the pull handle across the doorway and is held in place by magnetic seals. These doors can be installed on the inside or outside of your doors, depending on the way the doors swing. The can also be made from aluminum and wood and are available in many colors.

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