Useful tools to unlock a locked door

If you lost your key from a locked door it seems impossible for you to unlock it. But, as a matter of fact, it is an easy task to accomplish if you have the right tools; a screwdriver, a paper clip, a safety pin or an Allan wrench can be very helpful.

To succeed, follow some important steps:

  1. Look for a proper screwdriver or ask a neighbor to give you one.
    A good screwdriver is one that fits best and doesn’t touch any side of the lock. Easily shake the screwdriver horizontally while pushing gently to unlock the door.
  2. Another tool that can help you to open a locked door is the Allan wrench. In order to shave metal off the wrench and make it much little, you should use a grinder. Insert the wrench into the keyhole repeatedly. This way you will find out how much more do you need to carve down.  If the final product fits too tightly, the door won’t open.
  3. Take a paper clip made up of metal and try to make it as straight as possible. Make a small curl at the top of your paper clip that can enter the keyhole. Modify the curl until it fits perfectly.
  4. You can also open a locked door with a straight pin. Try to sand down the sharp point of the pin using a nail file, otherwise you can hurt yourself. Introduce the pin into the keyhole and try to open it.
  5. A metal safety pin can also help you open the “problem” door. Do the same as you did with the straight pin, sanding out its sharp part. Insert the safety pin into the lock and move it back and forth until the door opens.
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