Velcro vs tracking attachments on screen doors

Garages are a perfect home for mosquitoes. Installing a garage screen door will make the place insects-free and also it will freshen the air and lower the humidity in the garage.


Velcro tape attachments are more flexible than tracking attachments and also less expensive.

It can take any shape so you can deal with odd shapes easily. One of the bad parts is that it doesn’t slide open like on tracks.

Tracking attachments

They have no brackets and this makes them very easy to install. The material used for construction is aluminum and this makes them a little more expensive then velcro, but it’s also rust-free. Still, there are a few limitations, like sloped areas.

The right screen door

Think about the purpose of your garage. Do you use it very often? Does it have mildew problems? Also, if you use your garage as a recreational or as an art workshop, then you may consider buying a more stylish screen door.

Using Velcro

The tape is best used for slide-up door. You will need only to buy the screen. After you have made the right measurements, attach the Velcro straps to the inside of the garage door. Then roll the screen up as tight as you can. To release the screen, you need to do is remove the Velcro strap.

Using tracking attachments

Tracking attachments offer more security and durability to the screen, because of the tracks. The door will easily slide open, just like a curtain. You can also use stationary screens for garages that are not used for parking cars.

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