Ways to use decorative door stops

Although people don’t give too much attention to decorative door stops, they are quite necessary in any house. They are useful in stopping the door from damaging your wall. You have the possibility to choose from different styles of door stops if you don’t like one in particular.

In order to see better which can be your choices, some styles of door stops are discussed in the lines below.

1. A rigid door stop: This style is most often used by people in their homes. Using a piece of brass along with a piece of rubber, the wall is entirely protected from any hit. Its disadvantage is that it cannot keep the door open, like other door stops do.

2. A magnetic door stop: This style of door stop is based on magnetic force and it can be found on walls or even below the floors, stopping the door before it hits the wall. This way the wall is protected from any type of crack. Being so easy to install, you can complete the job without any kind of help from a professional. Depending on the size of the door, you can choose a more or less weighted magnetic door stop.

3. A hinge door stop: This style of door stop is perfect for your needs unless you have a floorboard or some decorative items. Being screwed on the boundary of the door, the door stop will damage in no way the floorboard because the screw will have to do with the axis of the door.

4. A spiral door stop: Although this style uses a spring in order to keep the door away from the wall, there is a huge difference between this one and a rigid door stop. Because they don’t have such a solid former, the spiral door stops are the cheapest ones and the lifespan is small. Also they can be bent and worn off without any problem.

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