3 tips for using a power inverter on your car

Recently, the need for device usage in cars has increased, and more and more cars use a power inverter. Because cars don’t have an A/C outlet, these devices have become very useful. What do these power inverters? Well, they are used to power anything from laptops, portable DVD-players, toys etc.

Tip 1: The Right Model

Don’t be cheap when it comes to power inverters. A cheap one costs about 30$, but it won’t last very long. Invest in more expensive power inverters and you will see it’s worth it. Be sure to read the reviews on the chosen type.

It is highly indicated that the power inverter should have a cooling fan. They can get very hot when they power more devices, and these fans help them to resist longer and work properly.

The best models are made from metal and not from plastic materials. The power inverter should be directly linked to the car battery bu cables and clamps.

Tip 2: The Right Size

Power inverters come in many shapes and sizes. There are some small inverters that have 100 watts power and some with 3000 watts power, that have up to 4 A/C outlets. The best way to tell which kind of power inverter you need is to calculate the amount of watts of your devices.

  • A laptop computer – 300 watts
  • A toaster – 1,500 watts
  • A radio – 15 watts
  • A television set – 100 watts
  • A desk lamp – 20 watts

Tip 3: Install a 100-watt Model If It Fits Your Needs

If you don’t need more than 100 watts of power, than you should simply install a small power inverter. These are the easiest to install as they just connect to the cigarette lighter. Larger ones come with a metal box and can be connected directly to the electrical system. A 3000 watts power inverter is ideal during black-outs.

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